How to Wear a Bulgie

If your packer frequently moves out of place, then the shape or material might be to blame, be it made from a sock or silicone. Thankfully, Bulgies give you a realistic bulge without the packer itself being anatomical. Their shape discourages shifting, and their lightweight material conforms to the body as it moves.

But how can you be sure you're wearing it effectively? It's time to set yourself up for packing success.

Choose form-fitting underwear with a wide pocket

Most briefs have a "fly"- an opening slit at the front - which creates a pocket. A wider pocket = less movement and more security.

Note: Boxers are not suitable because they cannot hold the Bulgie in place.

Place the Bulgie inside the pocket, flat against your body

The pocket provides grip on both sides for the Bulgie to help keep it in place. 

Adjust height as needed

If your pants have a high crotch seam, position the Bulgie so the bottom rests above the seam.

For tight pants such as skinny jeans, you may need to raise it a little higher. Keep in mind the higher you wear any packer, the larger the resulting bulge.

Be sure not to stretch or pull on the Bulgie, as that will result in tearing. The same properties which make Bulgies lightweight and soft are also what makes them more likely to tear if handled with the same roughness of other packers. Remove them by grabbing the entire Bulgie in your hand instead of pulling on a corner.

Tip: You do not want the Bulgie to curve beneath you, and it should not directly press against your genitals. Keep the wide back flat against your body and you're already halfway to happy packing!


Of course, these recommendations are just based on our experiences wearing Bulgies - so long as you've found a method that works for you, that's a win in our books.

The Bulgie is a gender neutral nonbinary packer for ftm transgender gender non-conforming people from ALLbulgies