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What are Bulgies?

Bulgies are ergonomically designed gender neutral packers used to simulate a “bulge” and are created from soft, lightweight, and latex-free foam.

Their design allows the wearer to have a realistic bulge when worn, all without the packer itself being anatomical. Their shape discourages shifting even during athletic activities, and their material is lightweight and conforms to the body as it moves. As a result, they require no harness, adhesive, or specialty underwear in order to stay in place.

Simply place it within the pocket of your briefs, and you’re done!


What makes Bulgies unique?


Bulgies have been carefully designed to avoiding any sharp edges or uncomfortable skin irritation. They are soft, lightweight, comfortable, and form to your body as you move to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.


Because of their ergonomic design as well as their compressible material, Bulgies will stay in place without the need for a harness, glue, or specialty underwear! This saves you money, increases comfort, and relieves the anxiety of possible mishaps. The goal is that you forget you're even wearing one, freeing up your mind for more important things.


Bulgies were designed to address the problems of current packers.

Read about them here.


Why are Bulgies needed?

Let me ask you this: have you ever experienced 'packer panic'?
In other words, has your packer ever…
  • Shifted out of place so badly that it almost—or even worse—did fall down your pant leg and onto the ground
  • Needed an additional product like a harness or special underwear to stay in place
  • Required constant readjustment to avoid embarrassing situations in public
  • Been discovered by other people who probably should not have seen it (despite hiding it in your sock drawer)
  • Become sweaty and unsanitary during use, especially during warm weather
  • Pulled or pinched your body hair
  • Caused an uncomfortable situation at an airport security checkpoint
  • Caused dysphoria from its anatomical appearance, or from your constant awareness of its presence while wearing it
  • Ultimately created more problems than solutions
It doesn't have to be this way! Rooted in the belief that packing should be easy and affirmative, Bulgies aim to improve the packing experience for good.


Who can wear a Bulgie?

Identity is not a prerequisite to packing. You don't have to identify as transgender or a particular identity under the trans umbrella to benefit from packing. Bulgies are designed so that when worn they simulate the subtle appearance of having a “bulge”. Any person regardless of gender identity who desires this for any reason may wear one.

When looking for your first packer, simpler is often better. Bulgies are discreet and comfortable packers that stay in place without harnesses or special packing underwear. Because of their gender neutral appearance, they can be hidden in plain sight and are a great first packer for ftm and nonbinary trans folks, as well as anyone questioning their identity.

Note that Bulgies are not an STP(stand-to-pee) device, and they are not suitable for swimming or sexual use.


Do I need special packing underwear?


Bulgies can be worn within the pocket of any close-fitting underwear, such as briefs. The underwear's force hugs the Bulgie against the body, whose open-cell structure clings effortlessly to the fabric. As boxers are too loose to provide this necessary force, boxers are not suitable.

Close-fitting underwear is the most successful at allowing the Bulgie to stay in place. Loose or otherwise overly-stretchy underwear may result in the Bulgie being moved slightly due to the weaker force hugging the Bulgie close to the body.

We recommend wearing your Bulgie within the pocket of your underwear because this provides grip on both sides for the Bulgie to help keep it in place.

Not all underwear is the same! The front pocket of underwear can range from wide to rather thin. Wider pockets accommodate Bulgies much better because they cover more surface area, creating more places to grip. It is for this reason that we recommend wearing close-fitting underwear with wider pockets.

Check out this page for an easy 1-2-3 on packing with a Bulgie.


How do I clean my Bulgie?

Depending on how extensively it needs to be cleaned...

  • Simply wipe the outer surface clean with a wipe or a wet paper towel.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, immerse in soapy water and repeatedly soak and press out the water. Air-dry afterward.


Will you be adding more sizes or colors?

We hope so! As we grow, we hope to add new colors and sizes per request. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, send a message to allbulgies@gmail.com!


Why can't I find your emails?

Please check your spam folder! We promise they are waiting in there.


What are your policies?

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